Engine & Transmission Tune-Up Service

The majority of time in your car probably isn’t spent thinking about your engine or transmission. You hop in, turn the key, and expect it to start. And most of the time, it does. But if your car turns over and leaves you stuck in your driveway, we’re here to help.

At K&W, our expertise in servicing vehicle engines and transmissions can help prevent your vehicle from turning into an immobile piece of sheet metal.

Engine Tune-Up Service

Staying on top of proper maintenance means your vehicle’s engine has a better chance of lasting the long haul. Even neglecting the small things like strange noises while driving or rough idling can be detrimental in the long run.

We offer the following engine tune-up services to help ensure your vehicle’s engine is staying as healthy as possible:

Transmission Tune-Up Service

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, the transmission is like the circulatory system. Problems with the transmission since it transmits energy from the engine to the wheels can be just as significant as engine troubles. Thankfully, we offer the following transmission tune-up services:

  • Full transmission fluid exchange
  • Transmission fluid exchange with a transmission filter change

Maintenance Matters

One of the things we prioritize at K&W is the importance of preventative auto maintenance. When it comes to your vehicle’s engine or transmission, it’s often a domino effect of small, neglected issues that lead to a complete failure.

Each team at our 7 K&W Tire Store locations is here to help improve your vehicle’s performance and provide you peace of mind.

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