Auto Battery Replacement

We’ve all been there. Your heart starts to race and you cross your fingers as you turn the key, but it just won’t start. The ignition may turn over before starting, or the vehicle’s battery warning light may come on. 

And even though everyone knows that a battery is either good or dead, it’s still one of those grudge purchases that are often put off until you’re left stuck in your driveway.

What Does a Battery Do?

Your vehicle’s battery performs two basic functions:

  1. It delivers voltage to the starter by converting chemical energy into electrical energy, starting your vehicle.
  2. It keeps your vehicle going by performing a steady stream of voltage throughout your drive.

It’s not often a battery dies in the middle of driving, as it’s easier to maintain a small amount of consistent voltage (energy) while the vehicle is running than it is to generate it when the vehicle has cooled down.

Does Cold Weather Kill Your Car Battery?

While it’s not as simple as your vehicle’s battery dying in the winter, it’s more likely that a dying battery will completely give out in the winter. Since colder temperatures cause chemical reactions to slow down, your battery’s ability to provide sufficient power to start your vehicle is significantly lowered.

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At K&W, each of our 6 store locations can test your vehicle’s battery to get an accurate reading of its remaining lifespan. Staying aware of your battery level can help you plan for the expense and prevent you from getting stuck in your driveway on the way to somewhere important.

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