Auto Heating & Cooling System Repair

In more temperate times of the year, driving with your windows down or adding an extra layer to your winter attire can hedge against deficient auto heating and cooling system. But when the weather turns extreme, you quickly notice just how important driving in comfort is.

At K&W Tire Store, our expertise in Auto AC and Heat Repair can help you stay comfortable and safe while getting to your destination.

Signs Your Vehicle’s AC System Needs Repair

Most air conditioning problems are a result of low refrigerant in the system, often caused by a leak. When this occurs, some of the telltale signs you’re in need of an automotive air condition repair include:

  • No air or hot air blowing through your vehicle’s vents.
  • Unexpected changes in temperature while driving (such as cool air turning warm or hot).
  • Strange noises coming from inside your vehicle’s dashboard.
  • Foul odors (from mold or other microorganisms caused by moisture behind the dashboard of the evaporator).

What Happens If I Neglect Automotive AC Repair?

Obviously, failing to service your vehicle’s AC system will prevent your vehicle from producing cold air through the vents. Worse still, the accumulation of allergens on dirty air filters can cause health problems as the microorganisms enter your respiratory system over time.

We recommend scheduling an annual spring check-up to have this and other components of your vehicle checked and serviced.

Signs Your Vehicle’s Heating System Needs Repair

You don’t want your car’s heater core to fail before winter since it warms the air when the temperature is turned up. It also keeps the defroster’s air warm, so you don’t have to worry about your windshield getting too foggy in cold temperatures. Some telltale signs your vehicle’s heating system is going bad include:

  • No heat
  • Musty smell
  • Steam from engine compartment
  • Foggy windshield

What Happens If I Neglect Automotive Heating Repair?

Of course, no heat in the dead of winter will make your daily commute something you dread. But in addition to a frigid ride, a faulty heating system impairs the efficiency of the fuel combustion system.

We recommend scheduling an annual winter check-up to have this and other components of your vehicle checked and serviced.

Our Experts Can Help

The K&W team is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to assist in your heating & cooling system repairs. Find your local store today and schedule an appointment.


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